Monday, 28 May 2012

Casual Homophobia

There's been enough talk in the media this month about people wanting to round us gays up, put us in camps, beat us straight, take our rights away and otherwise treat us worse than animals. That's not what this post is about. Instead, I want to think about the casual, everyday homophobia that is so ingrained in our culture that the people who espouse it don't even realise that they are actually being homophobic to begin with. Most of those people, if you called them homophobes, would be very distressed and upset and argue vehemently that they are pro-gay, and support equal rights.

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  1. I just found your blog space after reading one of your books. I didn't expect the first blog post I read to make me think, ''holy cats!'' though. Such a true topic, and so important to address. Well done for not only starting a discussion like this, but also for being willing to take a position and defend it.

  2. I just finished Fire & Ice and came hoping for info on the next book. I'm a middle aged white happily married straight woman but over the years have had many gay and lesbian friends, been a beard and been on the unfortunate end of unrequited obsessive crush that hurt deeply when the person twisted my sincere offer of friendship into something ugly. I'm also aware that happens in straight relationships also. I'm a big supporter of equal rights for all. I don't care who you love or what consenting adults do in the privacy of their relationship. I don't introduce myself and give intimate details of what my husband do in our bed and have no need to know what anybody else does either. Gay, lesbian, BDSM, fetish whatever. I never have nor never will understand what who you love or are attracted to has any bearing on basic civil rights.

    Condoms should be a natural part of sex for anyone not in a committed relation, no matter the chromosomes involved. STD's are raising in teens because they think anal or oral sex is !safe' because we aren't allowed to teach sex Ed in school.

  3. Well said, Anon. I'm up to my eyeballs writing the third book at the moment. Should be out late summer - thanks for reading!

  4. Thank you for the comments about condom use. I recently read a book that totally infuriated me, Bart Yates's The Brothers Bishop. It delves into "taboo" topics such as incest and statutory rape, but those elements are not what bothered me. What infuriated me was a scene in which the highly promiscuous brother has anal sex with a fifteen year old. No use of a condom was mentioned in the scene. And since condom use had been mentioned earlier in the book, its absence in this particular scene leads us to believe that the sex was unprotected. The thought of an older promiscous man infecting a fifteen year old and not giving it a second thought afterwards had my blood boiling. What's more, we're meant to take him as a sympathetic character. Why????

  5. Hi Kate!

    I found your blog via Goodreads (you had marked one of my short stories as "to-read") and I'm glad I did! There's a wealth of insightful posts here, and it's frankly pretty awesome to see someone writing such wonderful articles who shares a pretty similar world view to myself. ^^

    You're doing a great job, Kate! I'll be rummaging around the blog for quite some time to come. =)

    1. thanks! I must admit, I love my little rants. Gotta put that degree to use somewhere!!


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